General Discord Server Rules

  1. Be polite and friendly
  2. Do not get into heated arguments with other members of the community, take it to DMs
  3. No drama inducing comments
  4. Do not bypass any punishments issued by our systems or staff members. Doing so will result in further actions taken.
  5. Do not use the Discord to advertise other communities, products or services
  6. Do not post or talk about staff member or donator abuse on the Discord in public channels, use the correct channels for it
  7. Do not join the Discord on alts to circumvent a punishment as it will only increase it on both accounts
  8. Do not release personal information about other users without their consent
  9. No harassing or personally attacking other users
  10. No slurs, hate speech or discrimiantion
  11. No introducing discussions about gender, sexuality, religion, politics or race
  12. Do not argue with staff members, if you feel like you were wrongly punished, type !report in #bot-commands and follow the instructions
  13. Follow Discord ToS
  14. Have fun!

Voice and Text Channel Rules

  1. Do not ping any roles without a good and legitimate reason
  2. Do not ping the populator role more than once every three hours
  3. Do not attempt to bypass text chat filters or misuse them
  4. Do not delete your pings
  5. No pornographic/illegal content
  6. No text walls or large paragraphs of text
  7. No mic spam or chat spam
  8. Do not summon the bot into any other channels other than the designated Bot Music Channel

Discord Warnings and Punishments

Discord warnings are indiscriminate—regardless of the reason any severely inappropriate action on Discord may result in 1 warning point. Warning points on Discord do not expire and therefore are very serious. Only the most exceptional cases of reformed users may have their warnings cleared. Admins and higher may use their own discretion when handing out punishments but should still follow the guidelines. The punishments for reaching certain warning point thresholds are as follows: