Traitor Baiting Actions

The following actions are considered traitor baiting. If you do any of these actions, expect to be killed.

  1. Shooting in the general direction of players or in a populated area with no obvious intent
  2. Shooting breakable objects that do not pose threats to players are NOT considered traitor baiting.
  3. Claiming that you are a Traitor / T / Terrorist is T-Baiting.
  4. Trying to fool people into killing you by saying you're a Terrorist isn't cool and will just lower karma.
  5. Throwing incendiary grenades or discombobulator grenades in a place where someone could get hurt from fall damage / map hazard
  6. Holding out a T-Weapon is T-Baiting even if you call out that you have it. It's easy for a T to call out that they're proven with a knife
  7. Hiding, throwing away, or disposing of map objects that aid the Innocent team (gold blocks to activate tester on b5, etc)
    • Intentionally destroying or damaging traitor testers also applies here
  8. Aiding in completing or performing map side objectives / easter eggs that aid the Traitor objective
    • Example: Removing the keycard from the vault in Nuclear Power
  9. Damaging or disposing of a health station
  10. Prop / Crowbar pushing leading to damage
  11. Walking past an unidentified body or holding one
  12. Being in a traitor only area (T-Room)
  13. Holding an object that does direct damage/kills on contact (ie: Charged axe on rooftops, pencil on bikini bottom, etc)
    • This does not apply to explosive objects or any other object that requires damage to the prop to activate (ie: Explosive barrels)
WARNING: If you attempt to kill someone for one of these Traitor Baiting actions, and they instead kill you in self defense, this is NOT RDM


Here's a short list on some actions that are NOT KOSABLE and are only suspicious. There has been confusion and this list is to clarify.