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A Narrative Nuzlocke

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It’s a calm spring morning, the Starly are chirping, there’s a feeling of tranquility in the air. Nuz started stirring in his bed. He groans, no one wants to be up this early. He turns on the television, there’s a live show interviewing Professor Rowan. He’s an old Pokémon professor who studies evolution. The interviewer grills him about his time in Kanto, but Rowan looks out of it. The only sentence that Nuz heard from the Pokémon Professor was the fact that he was just happy to be home.
As soon as that sentence was finished, there was an aggressive knocking on the door, Nuz already had a good idea of who it was, but he really hoped he was wrong. He opened the door slowly, but Zack forced his way in anyways, knocking Nuz onto his rear.
“Ow, dude you need to chill.”
“And you need to wake up, it’s 8am.”
Zack helped Nuz up from the ground.
“Get ready, we’re going out.”
“It is 8 in the morning, why are we going out this early?”
Zack brought out a newspaper clipping of Professor Rowan, stating that he was looking for new interns.
“This is our ticket out of here, if we’re doing it we have to do it now. Don’t you want to do something with your life?”
Nuz carefully studied the paper.
“I dunno Zack, it says here that we’d need to travel over all of Sinnoh, and I don’t think I can do that. I don’t think life on the road is for me.”
“I know you wanted to be a Pokémon trainer, this is your shot. You saw the fact that he gives his interns Pokémon.”
“Look, I’ll come with. I’ll support you, you can do your thing but I’m gonna chill here. Let me get changed, I’ll meet you down here when I’m finished.”
Zack grinned smugly, Nuz couldn’t read him at all. He shrugged and went upstairs to change. He brushed his teeth, and threw on his cap. He walked down the stairs, walked outside and met Zack. Zack motioned for him for him to follow through the tall grass.
“Just don’t let the wild Pokémon jump up to ya, them bastards can bite you harder than a bear trap.”
Nuz looked uneasy, this seemed really unsafe. He wanted to turn back home, and he started to turn, but Zack tackles him to the ground.
“What the hell-“
“Shh, Rowan is right over there. Let me do the talking. Professor!”
Rowan slowly turned, along with his current intern, Dawn. They witnessed a hyperactive blond teen dragging a smaller boy along with him.
“Professor Rowan, we’d like a Pokémon. Don’t we Nuz?”
Nuz started sweating, he was staring at Dawn, she looked adorable.
“Uhh...yes. We do?”
The Professor carefully examined them, Nuz was getting up from his dragging.
“You boys want to be my interns? What do you think Dawn?”
“Hell No, we don’t need two bumbling idiots.”
"But we need people to explore Sinnoh, if you’re off competing in contests all the time we can’t count on you to do it yourself.”
Dawn blushed, and she was visibly pissed.
Rowan nodded.
“Alright boys, take your pick of Pokémon.”
Rowan opened his briefcase, there were 3 Pokéballs, each labeled “Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup”
Zach had a grin on his face.
“Why don’t you pick first, Nuz.”
Nuz didn’t think twice.
“I’ll take the Chimchar.”
Rowan gave Nuz the ball, and Nuz let out the Chimchar.
The Chimchar immediately jumped into Rowan’s arms, and buried his face into the old man’s chest, but Rowan tried to goad him to Nuz. The Chimchar carefully made his way to Nuz and hugged his knee.
“I think he has warmed up to you, at least for a little.” Rowan proclaimed.
Zack immediately went for the Piplup, and challenged Nuz to a battle.
After a brief encounter of scratching and pounding, Chimchar came out on top. And Nuz was elated.
“Great job little dude! I’m so proud of you.”
Rowan looked on in approval, maybe the kids he was waiting for were already here.

This is in artwork mostly because of its length, feel free to criticize.
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Dippy Fresh

I’m ten billion percent certain
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Chapter 2

Nuz let his Chimchar out of its Pokéball, the Chimchar seemed nervous, and scared. It started to back away from its new trainer. Nuz sensed this and immediately tried to calm him down.

“Whoa there bud, I’m not gonna hurt you, why are you so scared?”

“Because I don’t fucking know you.”

“I mean, that’s a valid point. But we’ve gotta be partners now. I saw what you could do in the battle against Zack. You can be great. You’ve got a whole lot of potential. What is your name?”

“My name is Ace, names after a pirate who controlled the seven seas with flame.”

“I shall call you Chimps Dubbo.”

“That’s not even close, and is that a fucking Halo reference??”

“Ignore that for now, what can you do move wise?”

Dubbo scratched Nuz’s arm, drawing blood. Nuz let out a yelp.

“You little dick! Ow, that’s not gonna cut it though, no pun intended. You’re a fire type, shouldn’t you have a fire type move?”

“Haven’t learned any yet.”

Nuz was annoyed, and sighed. He needed to train this unruly Chimchar to be the best it could be. Or else he’d never be able to explore the region. He needed to catch another Pokémon.

“Well we need to train, so I’m sending you into the tall grass

“Dude, it’s grass, it’s filled with Bidoofs and Starlys, I think I’ll be fine”

~30 Minutes Later~

Nuz was sipping a Fresh Lemonade, and Ace/Chimps Dubbo emerged from the Tall Grass.

“Were you expecting a comedic turn in which I got my ass kicked and I’d come back beaten and scratched up?”


“Well I didn’t, I also found a new friend. Her name is Charlotte.”

Chimps gestured for a creature in the tall grass to come forward. A small Bidoof slowly made its way to Chimps’ side.

“Howdy! I’m Charlotte. Me n’ Ace here were each training in this grass, we’d thought we’d be good pardners.”

Nuz looked down from his lemonade.

“Your parents from solaceon town?”

“Golly! How’d ya know?”

“Accent, welcome to the team!”

Chimps pointed out the sign to route 202.

“Should we be on our way there?”

Nuz sighed and downed the rest of his lemonade.

“Sure, have you learned a fire move yet?”

Chimps spit a flame onto Nuz’s pants. Nuz quickly put it out, screaming all the time he was doing so. Charlotte giggled.

Team as of right now
Ace, Chimchar, Level 9
Charlotte, Bidoof, Level 8

Dippy Fresh

I’m ten billion percent certain
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The team walked through Sandgem town to Route 202, Nuz had to meet up with Zack in Jubilife City, and he didn’t want to waste any time. As he made his way to the huge patch of tall grass before him, he spotted a beautiful girl out of the corner of his eye. It was Dawn. She was catching a Bidoof. Nuz tried to breathe, he wanted to talk to her and was nervous. He turned to Ace and Charlotte walking at his side.
“Alright, I’m going to talk to her,”
Nuz gestured to Dawn.
“Stay here and behave yourselves.”
Ace rolled his eyes, and Charlotte stayed cheery.
“You’ve got it Nuz! I’m sure Me n’ Ace will be sure to train.”
“Alright, I trust you two.”
Nuz wandered to Dawn, she didn’t notice him. He coughed, and got no response. He started stuttering.
“Uhh...Um, Hi D-Daw-“
“What do you want?”
She did not sound pleased. Nuz gulped.
“I was wondering if you’d, uh, want to head to the trainer school with me. I’m sure it’ll be really fun.”
Dawn had a pitiful smile
“Aww, I totally would, but I have a boyfriend. He’s a gym leader, named Roark. I’m sure that you’ll meet him later.”
Nuz deflated.
“Oh uh, yeah, of course. Totally, I get it.”
“Bye Nuz.”
Dawn walked off, Nuz went back to his team, defeated. But when he came back, he saw a weird scene. Charlotte was napping and Ace was talking to a Shinx. He had his little tuft on his head slicked back. Ace hadn’t noticed Nuz yet, so he kept speaking.
“So what do you say we get out of here, and I could treat you to some Sitrus Berries.”
“Nice try, sweetheart. But I’d rather choke.”
“Ouch that’s kind of cold, why don’t you let me warm you up?”
“I will bite you.”
“You don’t learn that until level 17, don’t play with me.”
“You’re cute, but annoying.”
“I’ll grow on you”
“What do you mean?”
Nuz threw a premier ball at the shinx, and caught it.

It was a quiet day, in my city. I had just hid behind a light pole, I was going to light up a cigarette, but I stopped. This was a Nintendo game for sure, I would not be allowed to smoke. I noticed a kid walk into Jubilife with a small band of Pokémon. A Bidoof in his arms, and a Chimchar pestering a Shinx. He was an average height, about 5’9”. Slim in build, needs to hit up a gym. Not a Pokémon gym, the one with weights. He approached me, he had a brand new watch. Probably from that promotion going around with the clowns. God I hate them. I was shocked he had seen through my excellent hiding spot. He asked me where the trainer school was. I gave him the directions there. I was feeling generous so I gave the kid a VS Recorder. I’m sure it won’t mean anything to him but I needed to get rid of it.

My Name is Looker, and I’m a private eye.

Team as of right now
Ace, Chimchar, Level 10
Charlotte, Bidoof, Level 10
Robin, Shinx, Level 10

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I’m ten billion percent certain
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Nuz sighed. He had to say goodbye to the city of Jubilife in order to go to the city of Black Lung. Oreburgh was just route and a cave away, he could almost taste the dust and mines. But he had to go onto Route 204 first. Where he was met by Zack. Zack immediately got in to Nuz’s face. He wanted a Pokemon battle, now.

“Right then, I trained up my team, there’s no way scratching and pounding and growling will win this time. This shall be our first true battle.”

Nuz looked at his team, they seemed to be itching for a fight. Especially Robin, but that’s understandable, seeing that she’s been annoyed to no end by Ace. But Nuz had a plan.
“Robin, you’re second. Dubbo, get out there.”

Robin scoffed, and waited. Ace smirked, and walked past her. He saw the poor starly Zack had already sent out. He spit some fire at in and it fainted in one hit. Dejected from the lack of a good fight, Ace went back and smacked the paw of Robin to tag her in. Robin faced off against Piplup. The piplup scoffed.

“You’re not even his best Pokemon. Try me.”

“You’re not even good enough to be on this team.”

Robin tackled Piplup once, and made it faint.

“If you’re talking like that, you better back it up.”

Ace had his jaw dropped.

“God she’s cute.”

Nuz glared at Zack.
“Can you leave me alone now?”

Zack looked down at his beaten pokemon, agape.

“How did you…? Next time will be different.”

Zack retreated back to Jubilife.

Now that Nuz was finished with Zack, he could finally make is way to Oreburgh. He was a bit intimidated by the large cave before him. He decided the team had to train some more.

“Alright team. We’re about to go into that big ass cave, and I don’t think we’re prepared. I want all of you to increase your levels by 4, get to it.”

Robin and Charlotte got to work, while Ace just yawned and walked into the tall grass. He obviously wasn’t going to try hard, why should he? He thought he was easily the best Pokémon on the team. A Starly perched itself onto Nuz’s shoulder.

“This is a nice little establishment you got, you mind if I join the team?”

Nuz was startled by the bird.

“Uh, yeah, sorry. I’m just upset at my ‘Star Player’ he doesn’t seem to have the work ethic I need him to have.”

“I can fix that.” The Starly scoffed.

“By all means, be my guest. He’s the Chimchar.”

Starly jumped off of Nuz’s shoulder. Nose diving directly into Ace. Ace reeled back in pain. He had no clue what hit him, but whatever it was, it was going to pay. The Starly tackled him, and shrugged off an ember from Ace. He was obviously struggling, and missed another ember. The Starly had kicked him off, Ace was down to 4 HP, but just before the Starly finished him off. Nuz threw a Pokéball at him. The Starly was caught. Ace was visibly shaken, and got up. Nuz looked down on him.

“You need to get better, or else you could lose your life in any given encounter, and I can’t do this without you. Come on, let’s head to the center.”

Ace was embarrassed. He swore to get better, and never be beaten again. Nuz tried to make small talk.

“The Starly’s name is Marco, he’ll be your little personal trainer to make sure you’re growing as strong as you can be.”

“I don’t need him.”

“You might not want him, but you’re gonna have him, make the best out of this situation.”

“Fine...you think Robin likes me?”

“Nope, you gotta earn her respect before anything like that.”

Ace felt defeated today nothing was going his way today. After they got back from the center, they met up with Charlotte and Robin. Marco was perched on Nuz’s head.

“Ace, go fight that Bidoof.”

Ace walked up to the Bidoof and spit an ember at it. But there was something different about this flame, it seemed to have grown larger. And was going way faster. Nuz covered his eyes from the harsh light, but when he opened up. There was no Chimchar where Ace stood, but a Monferno, standing proud.

Team as of right now

Ace, Monferno, level 14

Charlotte, Bidoof, Level 14

Robin, Shinx, Level 14

Marco, Starly, Level 13

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I’m ten billion percent certain
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Chapter 5

Marco jabbed his wing into a Shinx, and the Shinx fainted. Marco scoffed, yet another weak challenger. He started to feel uneasy. Maybe that Shinx hit him weirdly in the stomach, or something along those lines happened. Either way he felt sick. He hopped over to the lake for some clean water, but what he saw in the reflection was not a Starly anymore, but a Staravia. He felt way better, and went back to the team. Ace saw him first.

“Dude, what the hell is on your head. You look like a soft serve.”

Marco rolled his eyes.

The gang walked into the cave, and they saw a rampaging Geodude, laying waste to Zubats and fellow Geodudes behind him. And it stared Nuz directly in the eyes. It charged forward to him, everyone on the team went behind Nuz, except for one. Charlotte caught the Geodude head on, and threw him back. The Geodude charged at her, and she caught him again, sending him back once more. As he charged a third time, a Pokéball met him on the forehead. Broly has joined the team.

“Alright Broly, if you’re on the team there’s gonna be rules. You are to weaken the first Pokémon you see.”

Broly grunted.

“And you won’t hurt your teammates. Or else I’ll get Charlotte to teach you how to act.”

Broly gulped, and turned to Charlotte. She was punching her hand.

“And finally, you get to go ballistic against other Trainer’s Pokémon.”

Broly beamed.

“Okay, we need to go into the mines to fine this Gym Leader. I don’t know whether being gym leader or miner is his job. But I’m making sure he’s gonna let me challenge him. Broly, you lead.”

Broly zoomed down the mines, burying a Zubat rocks.

“Rule one.”

Nuz muttered under his breath. They found Broly punching Roark, holding him by the collar. Roark was crying.

“Oh crap, uh... Hi, I’m Nuz. That’s Broly, he’s very friendly.”

Broly spit on Roark.

“I’d like to challenge you to a gym battle.”

“Please... get him off.”

Nuz put Broly back in his ball.

“I’m so sorry, he’s very excitable.”

“You can have your match, but be sure that I’m gonna kick your ass.”

“Sure, uh... do you need a Doctor?”

“Get out of my sight.”

Nuz looked at his team and was worried, none of them could beat rock types. Sure Ace has Mach Punch, but he was a fire type, no way he’d survive that long. He heard that there might be some Machop

up on route 207. He hoped he could find one in the wild. He didn’t need a ponyta. He recruited Robin to come along with him. He couldn’t go up against wild Pokémon alone of course. He climbed up and saw a Machop practicing Tai Chi.

“Hi! My name is Nuz and I’m a Pokémon trainer. Will you join my team?”

The Machop never opened his eyes. He asked just but one question.

“What is your goal?”

Nuz looked down at robin. She had her answer ready. “To live up to the potential I have.”

“Shoot, that’s good. My goal is to prove that I can be strong.”

The Machop stood up and went to Robin. He flicked her in the head. She started glowing.

Nuz was looking on from a distance.

“Jesus that’s our third evolution, who else is going to evolve?”

The Machop turned to Nuz.

“I would be honored to join your team.”

Ken joined the party

Nuz came back to see Charlotte evolved into a Bibarel.

“Bro I swear to god everytime I turn around someone is evolving.”

Ken spoke to Nuz.

“Shall we challenge the gym?”

Nuz looked directly at the door, he is going to prove that he’s strong.

“We shall.”

Ace, Monferno, 15
Charlotte, Bibarel, 15
Robin, Luxio, 15
Ken, Machop, 14
Marco, Staravia, 15
Broly, Geodude, 15

Dippy Fresh

I’m ten billion percent certain
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Chapter 6

“Okay, Ken, you’re my guy here, you’re gonna beat the stuffing out of these guys.”

Ken nodded.

Roark stood before him, still angry.

“I’m going to enjoy this. Say goodbye to your Pokémon.”

“Ken, use focus energy.”

“Geodude, stealth rock.”

“Roark, you messed up, Ken, use karate chop.”

Ken practically split the Geodude in two with a karate chop.

“Geodude, return. Cranidos, come out!”

“I’m thinking another Karate Chop, Ken.”

“Cranidos. Headbutt.”

As Ken raised his hand to strike the cranidos, it hit him in the stomach, causing him to flinch.

“That’s fine, Ken hit him again.”

“Cranidos, headbutt.”

Cranidos made Ken flinch again. Nuz was sweating through his hat.

“Umm, please just hit him.”

Nuz was begging.


Ken was hit once more in the stomach, coughing up blood. But he raised his hand, and brought it down on the top of Cranidos’ head. A distinct cracking sound was heard throughout the gym. The cranidos fainted. Ken has 3 HP.

“Alright! Awesome! Great job Ken! Charlotte, finish him off!”

Charlotte hopped into battle, the pointed stoned dig into her but she easily shrugged them off.

“Onix, Go!”

Charlotte drowned the Onix in a water gun.

“Roark, you a whole bitch for trying to kill Ken, give me my badge.”

Roark threw the badge at Nuz.

“Get the hell out of my gym.”

As soon as Nuz walked out of the door, he was hounded by reporters. Apparently word got around that a new Ace Trainer was hitting the streets. He got called to a press conference, every one of his team having their own seats and microphone. Say what you want about Sinnoh, but it knows how to put on a show.

(Here’s where you guys come in, if you’d want to ask any questions to the team or Nuz, feel free to do so. Anything is on the table, and unless it’s a question to a specific person/Pokémon, it’ll be answered by everyone.)

Ace, Monferno, 15
Charlotte, Bibarel, 15
Robin, Luxio, 15
Ken, Machop, 15
Marco, Staravia, 15
Broly, Geodude, 15