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A poem I think.

Dippy Fresh

I’m ten billion percent certain
Mod - TTT
am I a bad person?
am I a bad son?
am I inadiquate?
am I a disappointment?
am I sad?
am I happy?
I have not achieved what I want to achieve.
I have let people down.
I am not cheerful.
I rarely laugh.
I push people away.
I create toxic relationships.
I am me
I cannot change who I am.
I can only improve.
I am a person
No person is perfect.
A person
Will always find something wrong with themselves
“I’m too fat”
“I’m not beautiful”
“I’m too mean”
“I’m too weird”
Everyone does this.
No matter what they say
Even if everyone else finds them perfect, they will not find themself perfect.
If you feel this way about yourself
You’re not weird
You’re more normal than you think you are.
You’re own worst critic is you.
I realize that
You should as well.
Ask anyone close to you if they think you’re a disappointment

If they truly love you
They will show you how much you’re loved

Though I may be young in age, my feelings are like an adults, the one thing that never grows up is your emotions.


The Hero no one needs or asked for
I think so many of us can relate to this having such high expectations for ourselves but at the same time having so much doubt that we aren't doing enough, that we aren't trying enough, thx for the feels