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Bandwagon Retirement Thread


whats up gamers
Hey, this week I have finals every day and I won't have time to play on my computer. Next Saturday I am going to fly to Colorado for a week to see my relatives, after that I will be flying back home for a week to see my friends from high school for about a week. After that, I'm going to be flying across the country to work/live somewhere for 3 months until the end of August. The astute among you will notice that I won't have any time to be on my computer for essentially 4 and a half months. Because of that, I have to resign now.

I've had a great time on Browntown over these last 9 months or so. I never thought I'd be a manager when I first joined this server randomly to troll @Maka . It's been a wild ride. Hope to see you all again in a few months (y)


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lmao I remember when you didnt wanna apply because you thought everyone saw you as a troll.

so long, boomer. BTG and NMA ain't gonna be the same without you for 4 and a half months.


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Brooooo. First Classix and now you. This is killing my heart. But on a real, thanks for being one of my first friends on browntown, showed me the steps of being a staff, and were always a down to earth person to talk to. Gonna miss you dawg and hopefully I see you on here once again. See you soon my dude!
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