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Current Mafia Game Browntown Mafia - Game 11


Sorry but no.
This game has ended. You can view the final result here.

Welcome to the eleventh ever game of Browntown Mafia! If you're not sure what Mafia is, or want to read a full list of rules and guidelines for the game, see my thread here. But in short Mafia is a simple game of deduction and deception where a small number of Mafia work together to try to outnumber larger Town, while the Town attempts to eliminate the entire Mafia. A game of Forum Mafia will take several days as each Day phase lasts for 47 hours, and each Night phase lasts for 23 hours. For those of you not in the game, feel free to watch and enjoy as people attack and accuse each other for your amusement!

Role Explanations
Villager (3)
  • Member of the Town
Miller (1)
  • Believes they are a Villager
  • Appears to be a member of the Mafia to Cops who investigate them
  • Member of the Town
Cop (1)
  • Visits 1 player each Night
  • Learns that players alignment (eg Town or Mafia)
  • Does not learn the specific role of the player they investigate, only their alignment
  • Member of the Town
Clerk (1)
  • Visits 1 player each Night
  • Any reports or information that player receives, the Clerk will also receive
  • Member of the Town
Jailer (1)
  • Selects 1 player each Day
  • If the Town lynches no one that day, the Jailer will jail that person
  • Jailed players may not take any Night Actions nor be targeted by any Night Actions
  • The Jailer and jailed player will meet together at Night, but the jailed player will not know the Jailer's identity
  • The Jailer may choose to kill their target during the Night
  • Member of the Town
Mafia (1)
  • Have a Mafia Meeting together at Night
  • Each Night the Mafia can vote for 1 player to kill
  • Mafia cannot vote to kill themselves or other members of the Mafia Meeting
Lawyer (1)
  • Attends the Mafia Meeting
  • Chooses 1 other Mafia Member each Night
  • Any Cops who investigate that player the same Night will believe them to be innocent
  • Member of the Mafia
Politician (1)
  • Attends the Mafia Meeting
  • Chooses 1 other player during they Day
  • At the end of the Day, that player's vote will be switched to that of the Politician's choosing
  • Member of the Mafia
More detailed role and item descriptions can be found here.

If it is your first time playing I strongly, strongly suggest reading through the Rules/How to Play thread and the Roles Compendium, both linked above or found in the Mafia section on the forums. Reading through at least 1 previous game of Mafia would also be a huge asset to give you a general feel for the flow of the game. Remember as well that the game begins at Dusk, so you may not post in the conversation I have made with you until I alert you that the Night has begun. You may also only post in this thread during the Day.

Good luck and have fun everyone!


Sorry but no.
Night falls over Browntown. Rumours of a scandal has fallen upon this otherwise quiet Town! Rumours of a certain politician's extralegal exploits have been making their way around the Town, and everyone is furious. More and more evidence is being compiled by law enforcement that demonstrates a clear case of corruption revolving around one politician in particular. The only missing piece of the puzzle is...they don't know who the hell the politician is! Can the Town work together with law enforcement to punish the corrupt conspirators for their crimes? Or can the politician's conniving lawyer salvage their client's reputation?

The first Night phase has begun, and will last for 23 hours. After that, Dawn shall break, all Night Actions will conclude and unfortunately, some unlucky people may not survive to see daylight.. At 8pm EDT tomorrow, the first Day will begin, this thread will unlock, and the first Town Meeting shall commence. I do suggest taking the time to read through this whole thread to get a feel for the flow of the game, and if you have any questions you can ask them here during the day, during the sign-up thread, or in the private convo that you have with me.

Good luck and have fun everyone!

Night 1


Sorry but no.
The Night has ended, and the Town has awoken. There's a degree of sleaze in the air. Some shady meetings occupied the Night of many members of the Town, while others slept as soundly as could be imagined. Fortunately, a few skilled members of the Town spent their Night gathering evidence on other members of the Town. The real question now, though, is whether or not that evidence can even be trusted.

Digital died during the Night.

Digital's role was Villager.

The first Day of deceit and trickery has finally commenced. The Town Meeting has begun, and discussion and voting are now open. Day will last for 47 hours, after which there will be an hour of Dusk, followed by the next Night phase.

Day 1


Community Mod
Well, there was no shortage of motives to kill off Digital N1 at least, lmao
Also there’s no reason for anyone to claim since if the cop did get a maf hit its a 1/3 chance they got a miller yada yada yada dead cop D2 doesnt help yada yada yada we let the jailer do his thing too!
Vote: No one
Vote: End day


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I haven't read the past few games to know of the anti-digital train going on but seems like he's been a bad boI, or we just like em physical not digital...as in breastsss..or pleasure chesters, I dont got anything productive to add and random lynch would just make things worst 1/2 the time so meh, but shouldn't end until everyone's chatted


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Mod - TTT
I haven't read the past few games to know of the anti-digital train going on but seems like he's been a bad boI, or we just like em physical not digital...as in breastsss..or pleasure chesters, I dont got anything productive to add and random lynch would just make things worst 1/2 the time so meh, but shouldn't end until everyone's chatted
Digital has a unique method of playing that apparently annoys many


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Mod - TTT
Not sure if I actually like this development, I was starting to like digital after our little bromance

Also thank god there's no voodoo

Karmic Justice

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At this rate, it's just gonna be clammed up non-talkers while the mafia clean house.

I have a fun question for everyone. I won't vote to end day till each of you answer these questions (keep in mind these are hypotheticals and don't actually have any merit/value in an argument):

1. If you were the Cop, who would you investigate next?
2. If you were the jailer, who would you jail next?
3. If you were mafia, who would you target next?
4. If you were the politician (and assuming that you had the conditions needed to justify it), which player's vote would you most enjoy tampering with?
5. If you were the lawyer, and assuming this player was also mafia, whose role would you protect?
6. If you were the clerk, who would you target for cop (the only one that gets reports this game)

Current Mafia Game

Night 3


Dippy voted AcThePlayer ✓
Tyber voted AcThePlayer ✓
Tori voted AcThePlayer ✓
Classix voted Cameron ✓
Cameron voted AcThePlayer ✓
Dongus voted AcThePlayer ✓
BoxOfRocks voted Cameron ✓

Votes may take time to update.


Digital - Villager
Karmic - Jailer
AcThePlayer - Cop