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Browntown Mafia - Game 8

no lynch on mylo? Yak dying DOESNT change the amount of Mafia remaining in the game. I’m starting to think you aren’t being as truthful as it seems.

You are also giving me a mafia read. though I’m not proven town, I know my role and before you bandwagoned Tyber that seems to be reluctance to lynch a fellow mafia. Only if digital is actually mafia
@lunavis what happened to this MR


Sorry but no.
The Town Meeting has come to an end. The votes are as follows:

Tyber voted Digital
Lunavis voted Digital
Digital voted Tyber
Maka voted Digital
Dippy voted Digital
Dongus voted Digital

Digital will be lynched.

Discussion is now closed and the thread will be locked. The lynching will occur shortly. Any roles which have end of Day actions may now use them.

Day 3


Sorry but no.
An influential individual has overturned the results of the lynch!

Lunavis is suddenly grabbed and forced onto the gallows. The rope is tied around his neck, and his life is quickly brought to an end thereafter.

Lunavis' role was Villager.

Night will begin shortly. It's time for everyone to retreat to their homes and get a good night's sleep. All members of the Mafia and everyone with a Night Action can begin their planning once Night begins. Sweet dreams.

Night 4


Sorry but no.
Dippy died during the Night.

Dippy's role was Governor.

The Mafia wins!

Eddie - Insane Cop
Digital - Snoop
Microsoft - Trickster
BoxOfRocks - Comedian
Karmic - Tracker
Dippy - Governor
Trundler - Yakuza
Zaid_Zilla - Actress
Tyber - Hooker
Maka - Mafia (originally Bulletproof)
CxNusbaum - Warlock
Dongus - Prophet

  • The Trickster gave out a vest every single Night, although not all of them were real!
  • Despite the Prophet waiting until the final Night to make their prediction, they still guessed wrong!
  • The Governor overturning the lynch onto the Trickster removed both of the Town's final hopes of surviving!
The thread will now remain open for any discussion, even if you were not a player in the game. I've got something special in store for the next game so signups won't begin until we work out the details of that, but expect it in the next few days!

Current Mafia Game

Night 1


sunshoes voted -
Lunavis voted -
BoxOfRocks voted -
Dongus voted -
Dippy voted -
Trundler voted -
Zaid_Zilla voted -

Votes may take time to update.