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Browntown's Dungeon of Dragons: Princes of the Apocalypse (Start Here!)

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Approximately 1 year ago, Trundler made a thread about playing some Dungeons and Dragons with the good people of Browntown. I offered to DM, and took in 7 eager players willing to throw down some dice and nerd out. Little did they know then, that after 3ish good one-off sessions, their characters would be whisked off and land smack dab in a full-blown campaign. This is their story:

Sent to investigate a missing delegation, a party of adventurers, each from diverse backgrounds and allegiences, stumble upon more than simple bandits. 4 cults of elemental evil have taken root in the Dessarin Valley, each led by a prophet who commands people and monster alike! They must rush to dismantle their operations, or else destruction and devastation is all but assured. Along the way, they will face great challenges, mighty foes, and uncover the motives of mysterious allies who know more than they let on!
The Browntown DnD group plays (almost) every Sunday from 7:00pm-10:00pm EST through both Discord and the Roll20 app. While the player roster is currently full (and waitlisted >_<), Livestreams of the Roll20 feed on Twitch will be coming eventually.

List of Episode recaps:
  1. City of Danger ep. 1 (The group rescues a young stablehand from a sacrificial ritual)
  2. City of Danger ep. 2 (The group meets a powerful enchantress, and retrieves two young lovers from a captive underground movement)
  3. City of Danger ep. 3 (the gang investigates the vandalism of a popular tavern, only to find an underground network of controlled burrowing creatures)
  4. Princes of the Apocalypse ep. 1(The Gang has a Hangover moment, and winds up on the other side of the continent)
  5. Princes of the Apocalypse ep. 2 (the gang defeats a crazed necromancer)
  6. PotA ep. 3 (The gang loots a tomb, exiles a member, and falls in a sinkhole)
  7. PotA ep. 4 (The party uncovers a conspiracy in Red Larch, and encounters the Cult of Black Earth for the first time)
  8. PotA ep. 5 (The gang gets captured and nearly killed by a front for the Cult of Howling Hatred)
  9. PotA ep. 6 (The group makes a new friend, and finds a few leads on the lost delegation)
  10. PotA ep. 7 (The Party encounters a haunted keep operated by mercenaries working for the Cult of Crushing Wave)
  11. PotA ep. 8 (The gang finds an underground river, gets overwhelmed, and says goodbye to a friend)
  12. PotA ep. 9 (The party makes a painful decision, repels an Orcish invasion, and makes some new allies (and romances))
  13. PotA ep 10 (The gang finds a gigantic Underground city, and lays siege to a monastery of Earth Cultists)
  14. PotA ep 11 (The Group goes to Yartar, goes on trial, sells some shit, and investigate a ranch terrorized by a witch)
  15. PotA ep 12 (The party finally engages the fire cult, recues Dreena, and meets Bushbeard)
  16. PotA ep 13 (The party resurrects Savra, Topples the Air Cult Temple, and ventures back north)
  17. PotA ep 14 (The party recovers a Devastation orb, visits a Dwarven Temple, and suffers the consequences of a cursed weapon)
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Karmic Justice

Eternal Judicator of BT
Cast of Key Characters:

Ivor Shemov (Played by @Vincent )

Part of the original party from the very beginning, Ivor is a rugged dude who cares very little for high society and bumbling metropolises, but has a heart of gold and assumes the best in people, even if he can't articulate it well. His ability to shapeshift into powerful woodland creatures is unmatched, and sometimes even summons a powerful pack of wolves to do his bidding. Throughout the campaign, Ivor has recieved troubling visions detailing the plots and efforts of the elemental prophets, and seeks to gain further understanding as to why he recieves them. A member of the Emerald Enclave, he has an especially soft spot for a fellow agent (and druid) by the name of Dreena Dellmon.

Raven (Played by @Trundler )

Part of the original party (and inspired by the FE character of the same name), Raven is a young edgy swordfighter who only has 3 goals in life: 1) Find his long lost sister, Priscillia, 2) Kill and eliminate all the cultists of Eternal Flame that destroyed his home and the rest of his family's kingdom, and 3) Restore his home to former glory. A member of the Lords' Alliance, Raven often finds himself in unusual situations nobles typically do not often experience, and sometimes struggles with connecting on an emotional level with fellow party members. Nonetheless, Raven is a perceptive and observant sentinel who will not hesitate to strike at those who would harm his companions.

Glowy (Played by @Wolfy )

A young traveler from a faraway jungle to the south, Glowy is a fire genasi (aka half-genie), naïve to some of the realities of this world. Unlike Wizards and Warlocks, who gain their powers from a supernatural being or intense, rigorous study, Glowy's is innate, like a lightning rod conduit of magical energy. This energy is quite unstable, as it has been both a boon and a bane for the party at often unusual times (even once regrowing an arm he lost to a shark). Hotheaded but loyal, this teenager seeks vengeance on those that did him dirty (especially an asshole by the name of Archie) and has become a master at clearing a room of enemies at once.

Cassus Larkin (played by @cassus)

Cassus Larkin is a psionic Soul Knife, that is not of this world (the forgotten realms). Hailing from Golerion, Cassus' quest for power and achievement landed him in Sigil, the city of many doors, where he was inducted into the city's far-reaching Psionic order. Hired by a mysterious enchantress by the name of Cinder Sparrowsong, Cassus was whisked smack dab into the party's numbers with orders to restore balance to the elemental chaos separating the material realm and the other planes of existence. Incredibly lethal through his manipulation of teleportation and soul-consuming powers, Cassus seeks out the members of a rival order of psychics within the elemental cults, who have focused all their attention on him exclusively. And with the nightly tender embrace of Dea at his side, perhaps Cassus may find a home in this new world.

Dea Kisali (Played by @Vikz )

Local to the region, Dea is an aasimar (aka Angelborn) paladin of the god of justice, Tyr, sworn to the Oath of Vengeance. As a knight of Samular, she is committed to serving her order and protecting the good people of the Dessarin Valley. Meeting the party through one of Ivor's increasingly more vivid and lifelike dreams, Dea also finds herself guided by her angelic guide, Coriana, to find her brother in arms, Kragg, who has been separated from the group and held hostage by the cult of Howling Hatred. Unwilling to share the reasons for her closed-book persona, little by little the cracks on her mighty defenses show as her once-one-night-stand with Cassus evolves into something more. Dea also seeks (per her guide's instructions) to seek out and grant mercy to a fallen Aasimar in the region, though nobody has a clue as to whom it could be.

Sukkasa Klakkak (played by @AcThePlayer )

Sukkasa is an Aaracockra Monk, versed in the way of the Four Elements. Loyal to the good parts of the elemental plane of Air, Sukkasa strives to rid the world of the Cult of Howling Hatred, in addition to the cult of Black Earth, who worship the sworn enemy of the Aaracockra: the eternal mountain Ogrèmoch. While age-wise the youngest, her race doesn't live long (avg lifespan of 30 years), and Sukkasa is a full-grown adult at only 4 years old (making Glowy the only adolescent in the group). Sukkasa has renown in the group for being the DPS master of the group, wether it is a flurry of mighty blows, or using her water whip to pull enemies off of great heights.

Bushbeard (Played by @Marlem )

Shy and bashful to a fault, Bushbeard is a Firbolg druid who excels in magic to control and restrict enemies. Hailing from the tundras to the north, bushbeard sensed the strong Elemental Chaos to the south was interfereing with his tribe's ability to commune with nature, and ventured south to close the portals that he believes are the source of this power. As the newest member of the party, he has been able to share his knowledge of the north with great value to both Ivor and Glowy, who can benefit from wild shaped and polymorphed animals from his region. Time will tell if the chaotic nature of this area is too much to handle for this sensitive creature.

Cinder Sparrowsong (NPC)

Beautiful and Charismatic, Cinder Sparrowsong has modest reknown as a travelling storyteller/comedian/entertainer, but even fewer know of her peerless mastery of enchantment and fire magic. Hailing from a bloodline intermixed with dragons, Cinder's power is just as mysterious as she is. While not part of the party, she always seems to show up at the right place at the right time, and knows almost too much about the goings on throughout the campaign. As an agent of the Harpers, Cinder seems to be pulling the strings of the party from behind the scenes, but why does she keep them in the dark?
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