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Refuses to have a normal life
I'm more of a relax person in this community and have attempted to help out in many ways, I may dissappear for months at a time without saying a word but hey that's school. I don't mind being killed in game by another innocent if you ever see me in ttt, I think if there is no reason for me to have been killed I will report. Another way to evade my reports is by doing some dumb shit to have killed me. I hope to see you all ingame, we will have plenty of time to talk seeing as I lost all my hours.

Jake the Dog

The RDM legend himself
I’ll remember to prop kill you in a weird way or with a watermelon. That should be good enough to avoid a report from you right?


Refuses to have a normal life
I believe it was on skyscraper. You were a t chasing me and I grabbed a box and launched it at your face. Best Innocent win ever.
Yeah, that seems like something that I would die to. I had so many boxes and minecarts thrown at me it's hard to remember them all

Sewer Rat

New member
i like this idea, ive reached out to some people to get to know them better who havent responded despite being online, dont get mad if i steal it