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Forums and Discord Rules and Guidelines

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Sorry but no.
Forum Rules and Guidelines
  1. Be polite and friendly.
  2. Do not get into fights with other community members on the forums or Discord.
  3. Do not use the forums or Discord to advertise products or services.
  4. Do not make drama-inducing threads or comments--nothing good ever comes from those.
  5. Post threads into their correct categories. Threads incorrectly placed will be moved.
  6. Do not post staff member or donor abuse on the forums or Discord.
  7. No necroposting. This means do not comment on threads that have long been forgotten. As a general rule of thumb don't post in a thread more than 30 days old unless you have something critically important to add. At the point of 60 days old you should never need to post in the thread.
  8. Do not comment on someone else's thread asking for it to be closed. The forum moderators will close threads when deemed necessary. You can, however, ask for your own thread to be closed as long as you have a valid reason.
  9. Maximum forum signature is 800px wide, 150px high. No flashing GIFs are allowed.
  10. Before submitting a thread, make sure you read through all of the sections on the forums and make sure you are posting it in the most appropriate one.
  11. Do not use an alternate account to avoid a forum ban. This will only extend the ban on your main account.
Staff Applications
Want to join the BrownTown staff? Feel free to apply here and be sure to properly fill out the form. The SRB Leaders reserve the right to close your application at any time. If your application is closed then the best course of action is to continue playing within the community and try again later. Do not have more than one staff application open at the same time and remember that Donor mods are not staff and should not be listed among the staff that know you.

Have an idea that you'd like to share? Think it can improve the community? Don't be afraid to share it here!

Ban Appeals
Feel you were falsely banned? Submit an appeal here and an Admin or above will look into the case again.

Reporting a Player
Did another user RDM you but no staff were on to handle it? Submit a report here and a Mod or Admin will deal with it shortly. For more serious reports such as personal harassment, cheating, or ghosting, an Admin or higher is required to handle it. Do not use this section to report staff members or Donators who you feel are misusing their powers. To report an abuse of powers please submit a report here.


Sorry but no.
Warning Points System
If you feel like breaking the simple forum rules you may be subject to warning points. Warning points stack up on your account and if you reach certain thresholds of warning points, you will be punished. Below are a list of the number of warning points you may receive for reach action as well as the punishments. Note that high ranking staff may use their discretion and may hand out more or less warning points depending on the severity of the offence. Repeat offenders may receive compounding warnings.

Forum Warnings
Necroposting/Bumping - 3 points | Expire after 2 months
Necroposting is the act of posting in a thread that has long since died and no longer holds any ongoing discussion. Generally once a thread reaches 30 days with no new replies, posting in that thread would be considered necroposting. Pinned threads are exempt from this—you may always post in a pinned thread regardless of when the last reply was. Bumping is the act of posting in a thread for the sole purpose of either bringing that thread back to the top of the discussion list for visibility, or to stop it from reaching the 30 day mark of inactivity to be considered a dead thread.​
False Forum Reporting - 2 points | Expire after 2 months
False Reporting is using the forum report system (ie reporting another user's post or thread on the forums) in a way other than it is intended for. Please only submit reports for actions that violate our community or forum guidelines. Do not report other users for disagreeing with you or because you don't like them. Do not report your friends as a joke—they can't see your report anyway, only a select few forum moderators can.​
Application Feedback Violation - 3 points | Expire after 2 months
Do not reply to staff applications if you do not have feedback for either the applicant or the Managers, or if you have limited or no interaction with the applicant. Staff application replies are meant to both show the Managers what other community members think of the applicant, as well as to show the applicant what they are doing well, or what they could be improving on. Do not reply to an application just because you don't like the application itself, or if you have not spent at least an hour playing with the applicant. Do not reply to a staff application to comment on the amount of hours the applicant has without providing actual feedback (We have a 50 hour requirement to apply for a reason). Repeat offenders may lose their ability to reply to applications altogether.​
Inappropriate Content - 4 points | Expire after 6 months
The Browntown community guidelines can be found here. Anything that contradicts those does not belong on the forums. Please remember that this is a community filled with many children as young as 13, and anything that would not be appropriate to say around them is not appropriate to post on the forums. Some examples of inappropriate content:​
  • Talking about inappropriate topics, such as suicide or sex. Topics that tend to result in arguments such as politics or religion should also be avoided.
  • Posting questionably pornographic material. Explicit pornographic material will likely result in an immediate ban.
  • Inciting violence against anyone.
  • Hostility towards others including but not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other discrimination against others.
Off-topic/Spam - 4 points | Expire after 3 months
Do not make off-topic posts in threads that are trying to engage in a discussion. If you don't like the subject people are talking about, just close the thread and say nothing. If you feel like you are hilarious and have to post this dank copypasta you just found in an announcement thread, choose not to instead. The Off-Topic section and Profile Posts are where you should keep irrelevant discussions. Spam is the act of posting multiple times without adding anything new or constructive. If your post didn't get the attention you wanted the first time, posting it 6 more times will not help your cause.​
Shoutbox Misconduct - 3 points | Expire after 5 months
A full list of shoutbox rules can be found in the post below. Please remember to use the appropriate tabs in the shoutbox—if you need in-game assistance the tab is there just for that purpose. Remember to follow all community guidelines while in the shoutbox as well. Repeat offenders may be banned from the shoutbox entirely.​
Inciting Drama - 6 points | Expire after 6 months
Have an issue with another user? Those things are best handled privately, the whole world doesn't need to know about it. Have an issue with a staff member? Please report them in the appropriate section on the forums. Have an issue with a Browntown policy or one or more members of the Management Team? Please contact us personally about it—we are all here to have fun and no one is interested in some big public spectacle just because you're unhappy about something. If you are so angry or riled up about something that you simply must unload on the forums, please take a deep breath, close out the forums, and come back later with a clear head. It is easy to say things that you cannot take back in the heat of the moment, and often times when we stop and think about why we are angry we realize the reason was silly to begin with.​
Forum Warning Punishments
Upon reaching 10 warning points, you will no longer be able to post new threads or profile posts. If you have received warnings to reach this point you need to seriously re-consider how you are acting on the forums and take the time to make sure the content you are posting is valuable and constructive to the community. You will be able to post new threads again once your total number of warnings falls below 10.

Upon reaching 12 warning points, your access to the forums will be severely limited for a week.

Upon reaching 15 warning points, you will be banned and will no longer be able to access any part of the forums. The ban will stay until your warning points fall below 15. You may not appeal a forum ban.

Discord Warnings & Punishments
Discord warnings are indiscriminate—regardless of the reason any severely inappropriate action on Discord may result in 1 warning point. Warning points on Discord do not expire and therefore are very serious. Only the most exceptional cases of reformed users may have their warnings cleared. The punishments for reaching certain warning point thresholds are as follows:

Upon reaching 2 warnings, you will be muted from both text and voice chat for 30 minutes.

Upon reaching 3 warnings, you will be kicked from the Discord. Any roles you had may be re-added at a later time.

Upon reaching 4 warnings, you will have any roles you had on Discord stripped and will not receive them back.

Upon reaching 5 warnings, you will be kicked from the Discord and have anything you have posted in the past week be deleted. This is the final warning.

Upon reaching 6 warnings, you will be permanently banned from Discord.


Sorry but no.
Shoutbox Rules
  1. All forum conduct rules apply
  2. Do not argue / fight with each other in the shoutbox. Take that to a private message or Steam
  3. Don't protest a ban in the shoutbox. If you were banned, make a ban appeal and it will be handled by an Administrator here
  4. You can only request for an in-game staff member's assistance in the
    chat tab however you should still make a report with gathered evidence here
  5. Do not use the shoutbox to complain about a staff member/donator or action taken by a staff member/donator. You can report a staff member or contest a decision privately here
Violations of these rules may result in removal of shoutbox posting privileges or a complete ban from the shoutbox. It's recommended to watch this thread in case of updates.
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