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Mafia Role Design Contest!


Is BoxOfRocks
Admin - TTT
Role: Reverser
Allignment: Mafia
-Chooses one person to "reverse".
-If targeting a cop, their investigation will be the opposite of it's true outcome. If cop investigated a third party, nothing is changed.
-If targeting a role that gives items, the item will be fabricated.
-If targeting a doctor, a random member of the opposite team will be healed. If targeting a third party, nothing is changed.


Is BoxOfRocks
Admin - TTT
Role: TSA
Alignment: Villager
-During the day, can move any item from one person to another once. Via Confenscate: Playername and Give: Playername. Confenscating essentially nullifies the item so nobody can use it until the TSA chooses a target to give it to. TSA Can choose not to give it to anybody.
-Cannot give the item to themselves.
-During the night, chooses one person to use a metal detector on. This will tell them if the person they searched had a gun, knife, bomb or vest. Any other item will not show up. Via Metaldetect: Playername
-If TSA finds someone with a Gun or Knife, they cannot use it.
-TSA can decide to allow them to use it via Allow: Playername


Is BoxOfRocks
Admin - TTT
Role: Archologist
Alignment: Village
-Can put a dig site under the houses of 2 people during the night. Via Dig: Playername
-One person has an Amulet Chest under their house, while 1/3rd of the total people have a random item under their house. Item locations change nightly.
-If one of these people has the treasure chest, the Archologist recieves an Enchanted Amulet.
-The Amulet can be turned into any item during the in-between phase of night to day. Alternatively, they can choose to transform it during the day. Via Choose: Item and Amulet: Day
-The Amulet only drops on the first chest. If the Archologist recieves a second or more chests, they will instead recieve a random item.
-Players who have their houses dug under are notified that their house was dug under. If a Mafia’s house is dug under, they know who dug under it.


Is BoxOfRocks
Admin - TTT
Role: Hacker
Alignment: Mafia
-Attends the Mafia Meeting.
-Every night, the hacker can choose to hack one of three things:
-1. The role of the person who is killed. The role will appear as jibberish. The hacker will know the persons role.
-2. The items of a random Village sided player, making them fabricated.
-3. The firewall of somebodies computer, allowing them to see their ‘activity’ (Who they visited)

-These are (chronologically) via Hack: Dead
Hack: Item
and Hack: Firewall

-These effects last only one day. If option 1 is picked, the role is revealed to everybody the next day.


Is BoxOfRocks
Admin - TTT
Role: Drifter
Alignment: Third Party
-Cannot do anything at night unless promoted to do so, similarly to a villager.
-During the night, the mafia AND a random village power role can vote once on who they think the Drifter is. Via Drifter: Playername
-If the Village Power Role dies before they can vote, the ability to vote goes to another random village sided player, targeting power roles first.
-The ability to vote for the Drifter is restricted after night 3.
-If the Mafia finds the Drifter, they become a mafia.
-If the Village finds the Drifter first, they become a Doc, Cop or Gunsmith.
-If both roles find the Drifter at once, the Drifter dies.

-Can win with both Mafia (if alive when Mafia win, they don’t count towards Mafia Count unless converted to Mafia) for half points and Village for half points if they are still a Drifter, and full points if winning with their respective team.
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Karmic Justice

Eternal Judicator of BT
Role: "Random Name Generator"
Team: third party
Description: as a day action, you can cause the forums to crash and corrupt, forcing the game to start over, and force both Tyber and Microsoft onto the Mafia team, regardless of how close to ending the game is. This role then gets replaced by a high skill ceiling role that does little most games, like Doctor.
You don't get victory points for doing this. It's all bullshit, and your fellow players would agree with you.


Is BoxOfRocks
Admin - TTT
Role: Hound
Allignment: Mafia

-Does NOT attend the Mafia Meeting. The mafia knows who the Hound is, but the Hound does not know who the Mafia are.
-Cannot speak. At all. Except in Woofs. If they attempt to speak in anything other than “Woof”, “Arf”, “Bark”, “OwO”, or any other dog related noise, they will be killed, unable to grasp their sense of reality.
-During the day, dog MUST do dog noises AT LEAST twice per day (Real Life days). If they do not, they will be considered a “bad boy” and immediately die, unable to grasp their sense of reality.
-Cannot use items
-Cannot be killed during the day or at night. (Because evil or not, they’re a fucking dog)
-After night one, the Mafia can choose to RELEASE THE HOUNDS . This can only be done at night and once per game.
-Releasing the Hounds allows the dog to enact their deepest fantasies of murder and bloodshed, adding the Bleeding effect to one person of their choosing. Done via Bite: Playername
-Releasing the Hounds will now limit the dog to saying “GROWL”, “AWOO”, and “*Biting Noises*”
-If ANY mafia is killed at ANY time (including RTH), the Mafia will be unable to release the hound, or RTH will end. The dog will be realligned to the Village, and are assigned an owner randomly.
-When the owner dies, the dog dies. RIP dog.