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my 1000000th introduction


Former Saltmeister of BTV
Ok hello, I am Stitch, some of you may know me, others may not.

I've been with Browntown for a solid 3 years now, and i've been coming back and leaving, but I feel like I actually might be here to stay.
BT was probably the second TTT server I played on (following Gucci Gaming, shit was cancer) and I had a reputation for being "salty" back then.
I had V Mod (donator mod) at the time and then got my powers revoked (oops) for abusing it (oops again). Anyways, i'm 16, from the wonderful state of New York and I like food.

Anyways, thanks for having me

also there's that, @rax did that one for me


hate to get political but what the fuck is oatmeal
Mod - TTT
oh god my old csgo channel

why did u bring this cursed channel among us