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Plague's formal introduction

A Licensed Plague Doctor

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Hello all, you know me as A Licensed Plague Doctor. I've been trying to involve myself more on the discord and forums, but both of these are pretty new to me, so I'll start here.

I've been playing on BTV for a couple months now and the community brings back nostalgia of when I used to play this game after school every day, and I feel like I am accepted here (for the most part) and treated with respect, while also having people poke occasional fun at me, I love it.

A bit about me
  1. First thing is quite obvious, I'm obsessed with plague doctors. I have a mask and everything.
  2. I have done a lot of Admin work on three different servers, around 2000 hours worth. Vizzy's TTT, Niico's TTT, and Minewack TTT. All of these servers are currently offline. (I'm done doing moderator and admin work, it's more fun to be crew than boss sometimes)
  3. I am R/G colorblind, so I rely heavily on words rather than colors while playing TTT (i.e. red traitor bar vs green innocent bar)
  4. I may seem like a tool sometimes, but if I'm giving you a hard time more than likely its because I like you, it's just the way I show friendship.
Happy to be here and I hope to play on this server with you all for a long time, as you all make me laugh and I enjoy playing on the server.
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Dude, you are like one of the most known people to me. You are fun as hell to play with. I hope you continue to play on this server because you are truly a great member of this community. I have not been around long, but like you, playing Garry's mod brings back memories from the past. Now let's just hope the server gets updated tonight so we can play some BTG TTT!


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Needs gentamicin and a ppban.
I love the fact you are interested in Y. pestis, I've been interested in it since I was around 9 years old, when I read my first book about it. The career path I plan on doing is due to my interest in Plague and infectious diseases.

Welcome to Browntown, Plague.


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Well.. now I know to say he's red or green when letting you know about people :p