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PotA Ep14: Devastation Orbs, Oni, and Windvane.

Karmic Justice

Eternal Judicator of BT
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"Cin, I'm only going to say it once," said Vanifer, irritation bubbling to the surface. "If you try to escape again, not only will I keep you permanently under Tinderstrike's power, but I'll also kill that girl you've been trying to keep safe."
Cinder rolled her eyes, knowing full well that she wasn't going to escape; she knew better. One of the terms of her Divine chronicler powers was that should she try to interfere in what she has ascertained, it will always lead to disatrous consequences (such as getting captured by the cult of Eternal Flame and is now about to be used as a tool against the Dessarin Liberators). Had it not been for this curse, Cinder would have had a myriad of ways to escape; most starting with her ability to enchant Vanifer into letting her go subtly. "I'm not going anywhere, Van. Not until I can talk some sense back into you."

"It's far, far too late for that, 'beloved'. This world must be purged in fire, and I shall lead those efforts to rid the world of its wickedness. I will finish what you started with House Cornwell!"
Vanifer calms down, and sits next to Cinder. "You don't have to fight this, Cin. When this is all over, it can be just the two of us again; nobody to hold us down, free from slavery. It would be the life we dreamed for ourselves."
Cinder glared back. "How bout we just skip to the part where you force me to tell you what your foes are up to, and I can go back to wallowing in regrets and misery?". Vanifer had allowed Cinder free roam in her Chambers, although her belongings were moved elsewhere, far on the other side of the temple. Cinder took on this opportunity to give Vanifer the cold shoulder.

Vanifer, appearing hurt, relented. "Fine. You said they went to Yartar in pursuit of the Devastation orb we failed to detonate in Triboar?"

Cinder sighed. "Yeah. A thief organization called the Hand of Yartar stole it and we're looking to make a quick profit on it. The thief in question was determined that this would be her retirement score. The hand had other plans l, and was trying to sell it to the Kraken Society. The Liberators were able to stop the deal, and turned the orb over to the Harper's, who safely set off the orb in the wilderness. Raven has figured out this was how House Cornwell was destroyed."

"That's utterly dissapointing," sighed Van. "We're not in a position to have the Harpers meddling in our plans as well. I must send Lyzzie to deal with the other Harpers in the area. Where did they go afterwards?"

"South to the Vale of Dancing Waters. They got sidetracked stopping a Dwarf named Grummick and an Oni working together to find the lost summer palace of the Besilmer Dwarves. Grummick killed all of the monks that lived inside, so the party felt obligated to avenge them."

"Boooring. What about their monk who now wields Aerisi's spear?"

"Sukkasa had a few weeks under the influence of Windvane. It convinced her to push for the eradication of any remaining Howling Hatred members, and it led the party into the Howling Caves, otherwise known as the Air node. At some point, Raven ate a mushroom he shouldn't have, and reverse aged quite a few years. In the Chaos, Windvane made Sukkasa sneak away and rush to the Air portal to defend it, passing up a few captives held in the Caves, including Deysena Norvanna of the Mirabar delegation, and Dea's lost friend Kragg. While the party had to fight a bunch of invisible demons to free those captives, it also meant fighting Sukkasa in the end of the Caves. Cassus had to unleash his full power to knock her out and see reason, allowing her to destroy the portal herself by chucking Windvane into the portal."

"Shit. They figured out how to close the portals? I'll need to contact Gar and Marlos. We need better protections on them."

"You can go now, Van. That's all I know."

Vanifer grinned slyly. "Oh, no, Cin. I'm going to need you to get ready to come with me. The eye requests our assistance in defending the altar. Time for a 'reunion'."