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PotA Episode 11: Turnabout, Restocking, Barbarians

Karmic Justice

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"This tea is cold," spat Nestra.
"Of course it is, your Baroness. It's been 2 hours since I served it to you. Shall I fetch a fresh cup?"
"2 hours? Has it really been that long?"
"Indeed, my liege." Replied the butler, his eyes closed and head slightly bowed. With a slight nod and wave of Nestra's hand, the butler briskly left the room, and herself, to her thoughts.
It all started a few days ago when a Feathergale Knight from Waterdeep by the name of Frendolin Barsaka came and warned of his order's killers approaching Yartar. Naturally, the arrest order was issued to keep an eye out for 6 travellers led by a red haired fighter, a rugged human druid, and a fire genasi. However, not only did they not fight anyone on their way in, they came straight to the Waterbaron's hall to seek her in person. Turns out, the fighter wasnt just some LA soldier named Raven, but he was none other than Raymond Cornwell, one of the sole survivors of one of the most powerful manors in the Yartar region.

Could this really be a coincidence? House Cornwall has been destroyed for over a decade, and when signs of a fire elemental cult reappear in the region again, who else but Raymond himslf shows up back in her life? Well, he goes by Raven now, but still. It seems like the boy has been busy tracking down his manor's assailaints this whole time.

Nonetheless, they were accused by the knights of murder, so we had to detain the 3 identified by Frendolin until a trial could be scheduled. During that time, the other 3 members of the party (I think their names were Dea, Sukkasa, and Cassus?) were free to stay in town and peruse as they wished. It seems they have some deep pockets, as they purchased quite a lot off Cassini, the oddities shopkeeper.

The day of the trial came, and they somehow snagged testimonies from both famed-historian Bruldenthar and popstar storyteller Cinder Sparrowsong, who revealed the Feathergale knights as a front for a violent cult called the cult of Howling Hatred. With that squared away, Nestra took a request from Raymond to find Priscillia, his missing sister. A curious, yet reasonable request, Priscillia was sent to an abbey in Neverwinter, but messengers have been sent to get more info.

It also seemed that on their way back attempting to find the delegation, they stopped at two places: Helvenblade house, which is renowned for a protective family "ghost" that allegedly has a means to revive a friend of Glowy's (I think he said the name Savra?), and the Nettlebee Ranch, a farm run by a halfling family that disrupted an Uthgardt barrow mound...apparently the patriarch of the Nettlebee clan was a Black Earth Cultist and tried to trap them inside. This plan seemingly backfired when a group of Uthgardt barbarians discovered this desecration amd were led by the undead force from within the tomb to seek revenge on the evil Nettlebees (thr innocents were spared).
Our scouts currently report that they are headed to some druid gathering at a place called Scarlet Moon hall, a lone, crumbling tower in the Sumber hills, where an Emerald Enclave druid named Dreena requested help. It appears the one named Ivor is quite distressed about this.
"Your tea, Madam."
"Thank you, Joffery, you may go now."
Nestra sipped the tea, frowning slightly. According to Raymond's report on the missing delegation, there are no fewer than four evil elemental cults in the Dessarin Valley, and if any of them are the same ones that took down house Cornwell, then dire tidings are upon us. Granted, young Raymond views his memories of his home with rose-tinted spectacles, according to the rumors. They certainly dabbled in some, well, discretionary practices...
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