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Star Wars Review Thread IV: Solo (SPOILERS!!!)


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Here I am again, reviewing another Star Wars movie. Yeah yeah I know I said I would wait till DVD, but I'm too much of a sucker to wait. The good news is that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Just like my previous reviews, pros and cons.

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- Alden Ehreneich did a solid job as Han Solo. I have to give the guy credit where it is due, he surprised me. His quirky mannerisms and posture really showed he studied the character. Although I obviously think the one true Han Solo is and always will be Harrison Ford, Alden's version wasn't bad.

- Darth-motherfucking-Maul. Loved that he was brought back into the fold. People who didn't watch the Clone Wars TV series are gonna be hella confused how this dude is alive.

- Reduced amount of forced humor, THANK GOD FOR THIS. There were still moments but for the most part, the humor flowed well with the scenes. This has been a huge problem in the Disney Star Wars movies and I'm really glad they didn't continue this trend.


- The second half of the movie. For the most part, I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of Solo. It wasn't great, but it was fun and kept me interested. As it crept towards the middle of the movie with the Kessel Run (which was also disappointing) the movie just slowed down. And when I mean slowed down, it really just....got.....BORING. Everything was just so anti-climatic. The reveal that Enfys Nest is a kid and the movie trying to convince us she is a good guy is ridiculous. Did you forget all the people you killed towards the beginning of the movie? The ending just left me saying, welp guess that's it.

- Lando's relationship with L3-37. I guess he is pansexual now? Yeah I don't know what they were going for here, but I'm not getting into it. It was just a very strange element they added to this movie (If someone can explain to me why Lando is in love with a robot please do so, cause that shit was hella weird to me).

- L3-37 the character. Yep here it is folks, another Star Wars robot. Just like in all the other movies, I hated this one as well. I couldn't get behind the robot story line and it just felt really unnecessary to the story.

I typed this shit up fast so I'll add more thoughts when they come to mind. Overall, Solo was a fun movie. The lackluster second half brought the movie down, but I liked all the references they made relating to the sequels and the source material. Its not a must see, but its still better than TLJ.


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Just to clarify I liked it because it was from Rkelly and looked like he took his time.