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What Games Have You Been Playing Recently?


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playing morrowind and fallout 3. also crypt of the necrodancer which is amazing for training awareness and consistent focus for fighting games, of which i've been playing melee and dbfz when i can

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Need I say anymore?

although, I've also recently gotten back into titanfall 2, and have been off-handedly playing dead by daylight, neverwinter, and paladins...


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Jesus Warped.

I've been playing Oblivion, such a classic. Also got Chrono trigger, Wii Sports, and Skyward Sword so I'll try to start those soon.


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I've been playing Baba is You. A great puzzle game wherein you have to change the logic of the game itself.


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Replaying Breath of the Wild, and it's still a magical experience


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Tons and tons of League of Legends.

Basically what I've been doing since 2014.


oh also some eu4


Just beat Super Mario Maker 2 and I absolutely love it. It's without question my GOTY because it's so perfectly crafted and it exudes massive amounts of charm.


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The best football game ever made tbh. The gameplay was just perfect. Madden is just so much more clunkier. Hopefully one day we can get a new NCAA
Agreed 100%


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Dota 2 as always. I'm surprised this game hasn't driven me to madness yet.

Also trying to get around to finishing Resident Evil 2.


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I've been playing through DOOM 2016 recently, It's a lot of fun but can be frustratingly difficult at times. Especially because I'm not all that good at it yet, and I'm playing on ultra violence, and up until yesterday I've been playing with a broken keyboard. I have a replacement keyboard now so hopefully things should get easier.
Things can get pretty tough but there's no better feeling than when you finally manage to clear a room, and the combat is so satisfying, I can't wait for the new game.
I've also been dicking around in watch dogs 2. I don't care much for the story and find a lot of the attempted charm of the game to be pretty forced and cringey but the sandbox aspect is quite enjoyable.
Also have been playing some Quantum Break. It's a fool's errand I know, seeing as how they probably will never make the promised sequel (the devs have already moved on to a new game, Control, which comes out this august and looks interesting) but I'm still enjoying it.